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Manager of the Year 2016 - Emil Beber

Due date: 20/04/17

The Chairman of the Board Emil Beber was awarded the honorary title Manager of the Year 2016.

Manažer roku 2016_Ing. Emil Beber.jpg

International Agricultural Fair - Novi Sad

Due date: 13/05/17 - 19/05/17

Novi Sad, Serbia

Fair Země živitelka - České Budějovice

Due date: 24/08/17 - 29/08/17

České Budějovice, Czech Republic

Feed Cart

Due date: 01/09/17

Feed Cart
  • Feed cart guarantee consistent, uniform and repeatable feed distribution on biodegradable paper.
  • Easy hand-pulled unit for small operation – notable saving time, work and cost. Easy enough for one person and reducing feed wastage.
  • Establish feeding easily manage only one worker. Highly efficient feed distribution avoids wasting.
  • Provides instant starter feed for incoming chicks. Lowers mortality rates, improves health and contributes to the rapid achievement of higher weight of chicks.

Process: Movement forward give rise to a paper unwind. It’s fed from the hopper and it’s dose feeding. Afterwards feeding is equally distributed and the amount can be controlled.



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