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About us

We are celebrating the anniversary of 50 years since the establishment KOVOBEL. We are preparing a number of attractions, that you can always find at the site "Celebrations of 50 Years"
In 2015 has the company stable production program, based on diversified production of poultry equipment and demountable storage containers. An important stabilizing element are two different products as well as wide territorial scope.
In developing of poultry equipment we were able to continue in a historically very successful program of caged hens and expand the range of solid aviary systems and litter technology for layers,pullets, breeders and  broilers.

Continuous expansion of production of demountable storage containers in different storage containers in different executions with accessories and making new business abroad.


A successful reconstruction of the enterprise in Domazlice was complete where all administration, production and equipment from Bela nad Radbuzou move. Our original place of business was shut down after 37 years.


The whole Czech Republic celebrated the success of our hockey team in Nagano and we also started production of our second flagship products – Demountable Storage Containers in this year.


We changed the company name from the original "KOVO, vyrobní družstvo" to "KOVOBEL, výrobní družstvo".


Thanks to production expansion, we opened a second factory in Domazlice.


At the time of normalization, we launched one of our current core activities, which is the production assembly and service of poultry equipment.


We were founded in 1966 and in this time we were called KOVO, vyrobni druzstvo and were located in Bela nad Radbuzou. The reason of the establishment was to stabilize the unemployment rate in the border region at that time. Production program included from the begining small building and agricultural machinery.

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